A Haunting Photoshoot at Stowe Manor

The fantastic wardrobe stylists, Candace Kualii, recruited me for a lingerie photoshoot at Stowe Manor, a 1920’s mansion in Belmont, NC.This mansion was filled with wonder and maybe even a few ghosts. Myself and one of the models, Arielle, both captured pictures with orbs (see pics below). You can be the judge, of whether or not it’s truly haunted.

Here are a few of our pictures from the shoot:

Model: Leah Powell
Model: Arielle Chambers

model: Zenia

Photos: Kami Rameesh
Models: Leah Powell, Arielle Chambers, Zenia
Makeup: Tara DiPetrillo
Hair: Kaya Stowers (Leah & Arielle) & Tara DiPetrillo (Zenia)
Wardrobe: Candace Kualii


ORBS! Also, check out the fancy vintage hat display on the right.
More ORBS! Surronding Kaya & Arielle. Candace being cute during a break.


Love, Light, Laughter and many Orbs,


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