At the Private Screening for the Movie, “Trinity Goodheart”

Back in March I had the pleasure to take part in this wholesome film, under the credit, “Additional Makeup & Hair”. I feel blessed to have worked with such talented, kind and fun people.

Tim Vogel (editor), Joanaa Hock (director), myself & Rick Eldridge (producer)

Some of the cast and crew (along with our guests) showed up last night at the Ayrsley Grand Cinemas Theater in Charlotte, NC, for a private screening of the film. Before the film, our amazing – producer, Rick Eldridge and director, Joanne Hock, shared a few words of appreciation and warmth, provoking grins on all our faces.

Thanks to this fab duo, I was a part of this film. Bryan Reynolds (2nd makeup artist) & Samantha Smith (key makeup and hair).

It was wonderful watching the film come together. And I have to admit, I cried. Only to end the night with laughter, while watching some bloopers that the film’s editor, Tim Vogel pieced together, after the credits rolled.

With Karen Ambercrombie, who plays Maxine Goodheart.

Please support this beautiful film written by Rhonda Baraka, starring Eric Benet (who makes his debut on the big screen), Erika Gluck and James Hong. The film opens tonight at the Ayrsley Grand Cinemas Theater and will air on GMC-TV on August 20th.

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