BEFORE & AFTER: The Effects of Teamwork

I’d like to talk a little bit about teamwork today. A lot of amazing images have fabulous crews working their magic, on and off set. Some images require sets to be built, costumes to be made, props to be rented, locations to be scouted, appointments to be booked and items to be delivered. And on the day of a shoot the crew needs to arrive on time, everyone needs to be on the same page as far as the concept and feeling of the image goes,¬†everything needs to be set up (i.e., lighting, props, the stage, etc.), and of coarse the photographer, model, makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist and retoucher begin their carnival of talents. And, Viola! An image is created, TOGETHER!

MAKEUP:Tara DiPetrillo HAIR:Sean Foley PHOTO:Andy Silvers MODEL:Crystal

Here is a before and after shot that Andy Silvers (photographer) pieced together, from a shoot with our awesome team. When he posted this image on Facebook, he not only acknowledged the praise he receives from his fans and followers, he honored the work of the team of artists that help him create the flawless images, that everyone loves. [Thank you, Andy!] It’s not only the work of one individual, rather it’s a cumulative collaboration.

Crystal (the model) is no doubt a beautiful woman, in her before image. Here, with the comparison of photos, you can get a better picture of what our team contributes to a shoot. Andy sets up exceptional lighting, captures the image and adds delicate retouching to make the image pop. Crystal forms a relationship with the camera, making eye contact and posing. Sean fluffs up her hair to give her a more sultry look. And I dramatized her makeup for an innocently sexy look. Do you get a feel for it? It took a team to get here.

Everyone on set is important and plays a role, even the person picking up beverages for a crew deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated. Teamwork to me is bringing something to the table, not only with your talent, but with your willingness to collaborate with other talented individuals. We are all here to help one another and produce something Ahhhhh-mazing! Sometimes you have to compromise, and other times things have a way of coming together. Working with pleasant, fun, motivating people always helps. However, even if you butt heads with someone, it’s always important for everyone to remember…YOU ARE ON THE SAME TEAM! Work with one another, not the other way around. Remain focused on the project at hand. And learn to tame the ego that says, “Me, me, me” and work with your inner soul that shouts, “We, we, we!”.

Teamwork is Universal. Adapt to it. Embrace it.

Today I am honoring all the teams I have worked with, since I was born. Thank you for teaming up with me and teaching me life lessons. I appreciate you!

Love, Light & Laughter,

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