BEWARE: This May Blow You Away!

Here’s a little tale to prep you for the magnificent image below…

Today has been especially slow for Madison. She has been planning a special night and cannot wait to leave the office. After a long day, Madison comes home to her apartment in New York City. She left work a few hours early to surprise her girlfriend with an anniversary dinner at Le Bernardin.
She closes the front door and yells, “Mollybelle, I’m home! Let’s go out and celebrate!” Mollybelle does not respond. Madison puts her suitcase down and calls Mollybelle’s name once again. Much to her surprise, she hears a man’s voice coming from her bedroom. She grabs the shotgun from the coat closet and heads for the bedroom… She kicks the door open, “You BITCH!”

A Team


I think Sundays have become my favorite day of the week. I had the privelage of working with the A Team: Aaron Nace & Avery Carlton, Candace Kualii and Amelia Fletcher again, along with 3 fabulous models (Moriah, Mollybelle and Ryan) this past Sunday.


We decided to give the model, Ryan some kisses from Mollybelle. However, the kisses did not come from Mollybelle, they came from me! Being the makeup artist, I was the chosen one to perform this task. Ryan was a true sport and we all had a good laugh over it. After this encounter, Ryan and I decided that we are definitely friends now. (laughs)


MAKEUP TIP: To achieve Madison’s (Moriah’s) teary eyes, I applied her makeup to look rather disheveled. I concentrated on keeping the makeup darker, closer to the eye and then fading into different shades of gray on the ends. I then used MAC’s Gloss Texture (A MAC Pro Product. It is only available at a MAC Pro Store, or online if you have a MAC Pro card) to the upper lids to give them a more watery look and feel. Originally, I was going to use glycerine for the tears. However, I really liked the way the MAC Gloss Texture was forming and laying on her skin. I continued to bring it down under her eyes and into her mascara and lashes, forming full tears. I was very pleased with how this turned out.

If you would like to know how to create images like this in photoshop, please visit Aaron’s online class. FYI, about 50 images were used to create this shot = lots of work and planning! Sheer talent!

Thanks to everyone involved. I had a blast on this shoot…literally!

Love, Light, Laughter & Lust,


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  2. Tony Tueni says:

    Awesome work Tara!

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