“Covered by Nature”

The makeup for this project was inspired by it’s surroundings – Moist, juicy, aphotic dirt. Beds of flirtatious moss. Scaling, aged bark. Nourished, new-born, green leaves mixed with their ancestral dried up, frail kin. And random gatherings of gangling, young twigs and branches. The character became a discrete warrior nymph prancing through the land, loving on the earth and fully tapped into nature, to me. Her makeup is more of an organic, not very on purpose, camoflage, rather than a uniformed, conformist application.

A series of pictures were taken by Aaron Nace & Avery Carlton to show our model literally being covered/clothed by nature.

Here is one of the images from the shoot.



Photo: Aaron Nace & Avery Carlton
Model: “Stormer”
Makeup: Tara DiPetrillo


Love, Light & Laughter,


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