“Going Home” – A Plant/Girl Makes Her Way Back into the Soil.

Once again, yet another amazing photoshoot with the A Team. Here is Aaron Nace’s story behind the image…

An old woman living alone on a farm is pulling up weeds in her garden, when she hears a scream. One of the plants she is pulling up resembles a baby. The old woman took the child in to raise as her own, seeing as she always wanted a child, but the lord left her infertile.

The plant child grew and grew and through the years turned into a young woman. The old woman knew she didn’t have much time left on earth, and decided to tell the plant child the story of how she found her. The two decided it would be best for the girl to go back home underground, and for the plant child to seek out her real parents. That year, however, a horrible drought ravaged the countryside, and dried up the soil. The two knew that there would be no way the girl would survive under ground.

Food became scarce, and there was little chance of survival for either of them. One morning the girl woke up to find the old woman missing. She called out for her, but no answer. She was about to give up when she saw the old woman’s dress out in the garden. She ran to her, calling her name, but received no reply. She found the woman with a smile on her face and a note in her hand.

“I am dead. Bury me in this garden. Let my body fertilize the soil. Go home to your family. I love you”

L-R: Pat, Katherine, Tara, Avery, Aaron, Amelia, Leah & Jackson

Aaron Nace & Avery Carlton – Photography, Production and Post
Leah Powell – Model
Tara DiPetrillo – Makeup and Styling
Pat Wright – Great Photographer, Hole Digger and Driver
Jackson Petty – Great Photographer, Hole Digger, Reflector Holder and Spirit Brightener
Amelia Fletcher – Behind the Scenes Photos and Video
Katherine Beach – Behind the Scenes Photos and Video

Love, Light & Laughter,


One thought on ““Going Home” – A Plant/Girl Makes Her Way Back into the Soil.

  1. Candace Kualii says:

    WOW, this is amazing! I am more and more shocked at the ideas that come from the A Team, and as always Tara, you are very talented! I wish I could do some more projects with you!

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