This was my first experience doing a photoshoot with a photographer who shoots with an infrared camera. What a growing experience. I learned so much about how the makeup should be applied; what does and does not show up and how everything (makeup, clothing, skin, hair, etc.) translates through infrared.

I had the pleasure of working with recording artist/model/actor, Brandon Hilton and hairstylist, Amber Stallard (owner of Vivid Salon) again. It was our first time joining forces with the whimsical talent of a Charlotte, NC photographer, who goes by the name, “Photos by Luna“.

Brandon approached me about an idea for makeup he wanted, that was inspired from an Illamasqua ad (at the time we thought it was an image from a comic or illustration, until someone pointed it out to us). We ended up putting our own twist on it, while still honoring the original design (you can find it on their website).


Photos: Photos by Luna
Model: Brandon Hilton
Makeup: Tara DiPetrillo
Hair: Amber Stallard

Love, Light & Laughter,





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