Is Someone Having a Meltdown?


We had a lot of fun bringing this image into being and even melted crayons (and attached some of them to my face) to create this awesome effect. The concept was inspired by the paintings & illustrations of the phenomenal artist, Sam Spratt.

I have been blessed to work with Aaron Nace (photographer & photoshop wizard) all year and he has become one of my very bestest friends. (Love you man!) He recently moved to Chicago to create a home base for his killer company, PHLEARN (You should totally check the site out! Like, I mean, really, really – YOU SHOULD! There’s lots of phree goodies!) Don’t worry though, I don’t see the miles getting in the way of our collaborations. All I have to say is, ROAD TRIP! QUICK FLIGHT! And maybe I’ll meet up with you & the team in another country, Aaron. Peru is on my list. :wink:

Photographer & Editing: Aaron Nace
Model: Tara DiPetrillo
Makeup & Special F/X Makeup: Tara DiPetrillo
Hair: Did someone say hair?!?! Aaron shaved my head….in photoshop!
Crayon Melt-er Extraordinaire: Caroline Harmon
Lighting Coordinator: Amelia Fletcher
Artistic Inspiration: Sam Spratt

Love, Light & Laughter,

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