Makeup for Brandon Hilton’s New Album, “Nocturnal”

What a blast, filled with mega laughs, I had working with the lovable pop star/internet celebrity/model/actor, Brandon Hilton on pictures for his upcoming album, “Nocturnal”. Justin Kates, a published photographer, digital artist and cinematographer, took the photos – all of which looked perfect before they were even edited. And Amber Stallard, owner of Vivid Salon in Spartanburg,SC, did Brandon’s hair. The woman does hair tattooing…need I say more?

“Nocturnal” EP release date: March 30, 2011.

“NOCTURNAL” EP (Album Cover)

I may have laughed the whole time I was working on this tattoo on Brandon’s finger, yet managed to keep a steady hand. We were going for a un-perfected look, something a little grungy.


“OBSESSION” (Single off of “Nocturnal”, Cover)






We took things a few steps (or should I say stitches?) further. Stay tuned, I’ll unveil this image soon enough…….

Brandon & I being fabulous ~~ Justin Kates showing some teeth* ~~  Amber working her magic on Brandon

* photo of Justin courtesy of Justin Kates

Makeup! Makeup! Makeup!


Stay tuned for another photoshoot I did with Brandon Hilton….. in Infrared!!!


Love, Light & Laughter,


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