Nina’s Big Greek Wedding

Thanks to my dear friend, Daniel Davis (who was out of town for the wedding festivities), I was honored the role of doing makeup for this absolutely stunning, down to earth bride, her super cool mother and beautiful bridesmaids. Nina (the bride) along with her family & friends are all absolutely gorgeous (as you can see) and so much fun to be around. I felt right at home with this jolly Greek bunch. They took me back to my younger years living across the street from a Greek Church in Queens, NY. I have to say, it’s hard to turn down a Greek mother’s homemade food when you are on a cleanse.

I always feel blessed to work with such wonderful brides. This was truly a special day in the summery sweetness of July. Congratulations, Nina & Justin!

Thank you everyone! You’re all awesome!

P.S. – Nina’s mother’s homegrown tomatoes are a taste of heaven! Yum!

Photography: Lauren Jackson
Makeup: Tara DiPetrillo
Hair: Craig Davis

Love, Light & Laughter,

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