Photoshoot with Ariel Perez and Jordan on 1-9-11.

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to do makeup on a shoot with photographer, Ariel Perez, (who is known for his beautiful wedding photography) and model, Jordan. We met up at a studio in Charlotte. Studios are a bit uncommon for Ariel, as he prefers to shoot outdoors in natural light with a backdrop. Here are some pictures from our shoot together.

Makeup Tip: To achieve Jordan’s radiant glow I brushed Benefit’s, One Hot Minute all over her face and body, contouring where needed. To highlight and add more of a fresh, dewy look, I used MAC’s Special Reserve Highlight Power in Chez Chez Lame  (Limited – from the current Champale Launch, so you can still git’ you sum! Where supplies last!).

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