Rosario Dawson’s Makeup for The Democratic National Convention 2012

I was honored to do Rosario Dawson’s makeup for this years Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC on September 5th. Aside from being a talented actress, Rosario is also the Chairwoman for Voto Latino, the country’s leading organization in registering and engaging young Latino voters.

Here is a clip of Rosario speaking that day. She wanted a natural look with no lipstick. Her natural beauty is the spotlight with neutral colors accentuating her features.


Rosario is a very down to earth woman with a lot of passion for her cause. One thing that was amazing about meeting her was that we had both just come back from a trip to Burning Man in Black Rock City, NV. If you do not know what that is, please do yourself a favor now and add that to your bucket list. And go ahead and Google and Youtube it. It’s a way of life we all should embrace. Thanks again, fellow “burner”, Rosario! See you on the playa!


Love, Light & laughter,


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