Tara’s Thoughts on Fashion, Makeup & Hair Trends

To me a “trend” is like a theme party. It gives everyone some inspiration and an outlet to focus their creativity on. I think it benefits some people, as long as they are not trying to fit a mold and be someone they are not, in order to gain acceptance from others. The media really hypes things up and makes people, especially women, feel like they/we have to look a certain way. That to me is absurd and I hope that more positive & conscious media spread around this world like wild fire. Because ladies and gentleman…you are absolutely stunning!!! Please don’t allow anyone else, including yourself, to make you feel otherwise.

Getting back to trends…. I like the idea of theme parties (apparently this is what I like to call them), even if they last all season or year+. It gives you a chance to play with the many ways you can wear them and the things you get to wear them with. Another benefit is it gets people to break habits of wearing the same thing all the time. It inspires you to experiment. You never know, you may like something you thought would look unflattering on you. It’s happened to me.

I used to think of trends as conforming to someone else’s way of how I should look. I didn’t like that feeling (so I ended up being all punk rock as a preteen and without even realizing it, conforming into combat boots, plaid skirts, heavily winged out black liner, bold red lips and green, magenta & purple hair. Haha. Soon after, I began to explore many looks.). And like I said before, no one should ever feel that way. I use trend to my advantage now, because I am a creature of change. I’m a bit of a shape shifter and chamelion. I enjoy changing my hair color, makeup, clothes, music I listen to. I get to recreate myself on any given day and at any given moment. It’s all about a mood for me. As much of an oxymoron as it is, trends really do encourage change as much as they can seem to mold people. I’m sure some of you have been wearing the same looks for years and years. A trend gives you a little boost to break out of the norm, whatever that is for you. Honestly, it all depends on how you look at it. You create your own reality and how you would like to define it.

We all have different personalities and that is what makes us so fabulously unique. If you wore a trend from 5 seasons ago and it made you feel fabulous, by all means wear it again. If it makes you feel good, do it! If you feel comfortable in it and it is representing you in this moment…cool! Yay, you! Honestly, why do we even care what others think? This is your life, live it up! Some people get so caught up on what’s in this season. There is nothing wrong with being a sassy fashionista. That rocks! Do it because it feels right for you though and you are not seeking the acceptance of others. And if you don’t like what’s “in”, don’t wear it! If you like something that is “outdated”, rock it! Your personality and confidence (or lack thereof) is really what you wear.

Have you ever gone out and seen someone wearing something “off the wall’? Yet they have so much confidence and this great personality that what they have going on, all of a sudden looks fabulous. Really it’s all about how you pull something off. And a person like that ends up being a “trend setter”. So feel free to do your own thang! Work it!!

As much as some people try to go against the system/media & what the norm is there is still a trend within those groups. And I’m not fond of labels however it gives us a way to explain a look. Even hippies have a fashion code. And to any of you hippies out there, if you feel like wearing something preppy or putting on a little makeup one day, go for it. Who cares what your hippie friends think. If a business man wants to grow dreads, do it! Last time I checked they do not interfere with your work. Wear that blue eyeshadow! Elderly woman, wear that bold lip! Live YOUR life people! Anyhow, I feel like I’m about to run off on a tangent here. I think you all get my drift by now. :giggles:

When you get dressed, put on makeup, do your hair (buy a car, a house, whatever) ask yourself this….

Am I wearing this/buying this because I really like it? Or am I doing it because it’s what I think I should do? what the media is telling me? what my friends and family are telling me? what I’m doing because I know I will be judged?

Here are some suggestions I have. Do with them as you will.


To those of you who never change…

I challenge you to try something new. Look through a magazine, google some looks or go to a makeup counter, salon and boutique and have someone assist you.

To those of you that always follow trends…

I challenge you to create your own trend. Go within, without feeling judged by others for doing something different and find out who you really are and how you would like to express yourself.

To those of you who are open to change yet you now realize you haven’t in the past few years, and think you don’t follow a trend, yet you and your friends all look the same…

Take the above advice. ;)

And to those of you who see people who look “different” to you and you end up snarking at them and pointing them out to your peers (or if your peers do it)…

I challenge you to embrace who they are and know that they have feelings just like you. Drop the judgements for the day and appreciate everyone’s individuality. Maybe even compliment that person.


3 more Tips About Trends

  1. Be open to change and exploring new looks.
  2. Conforming to a mold is futile. Instead, embrace a look and make it your own. Feel free to put your own spin on it.
  3. Enjoy yourself and have fun with them!


Random Thought: I would also like to point out that if you are so fortunate to color your hair and buy new makeup and clothes, this is a luxury. And by all means you deserve it and are so worthy. Not everyone in this world has that pleasure. I have a suggestion for you and for myself even – If you ever find yourself not liking something you buy or have, instead of returning it, throwing it away or giving it to a friend/family, contemplate giving it to someone less fortunate. Possibly a woman in a homeless shelter who is looking to get a job. Having worked in the cosmetics industry, I have seen a lot of people throw out perfectly full makeup containers. It seems so wasteful. Think of those in need next time. Something that may not seem like a big deal to you will mean the world to someone else.

Thanks for reading this today. Whatever you wear people, express yourself and wear it with confidence! ;)

Much Love, Light & Laughter,

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