Are any of you talented Bellydancing Goddesses and Gods feeling like your moves are on point but you could use a little help with the portrayal your face makes on stage? Are you feeling challenged when it comes to putting on makeup for your performances or a photoshoots? Is your makeup melting off when you are on stage? Do you need help creating – a stunning smokey eye? a vampy red lip? techniques to make your eyes pop? And maybe you need a little help applying those pesky false lashes?

If you answered, “Yes!” to any of these questions, these workshops may very well be for YOU, my Dears!

Join me as I guide you step-by-step through some simple and more advanced demonstrations on how to create a perfected bellydancer look. Don’t be scared by the word “advanced”. Not only will I demo a handful of “How To’s”, I will also be there to personally coach you during “Play Time” where you will be using the techniques I teach you in class to use on yourself. Yes, I will hold your hand while you do it- if you’d like me to. I’m that sweet! :wink: And I’ll give you a hug too! I want you to leave the class not only learning how to do these things, but also having the confidence that YOU CAN! There is a big difference between watching me do it and doing it for yourself. We can watch YouTube tutorials all day long at home, but having someone there to guide you is what these workshops are all about. These workshops are very hands on! And because of this awesomeness, space will be limited so I have time to spend coaching everyone and answering questions.

As a BONUS, everyone who attends the workshops will receive a $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE that you can use towards a future makeup appointment with me!!!

Here is a breakdown of the schedule for the day and what the 2 Workshops will offer. You can sign up for one or sign up for both at a discounted rate!


$35 (or $55 when you sign up for both!)

We will go over everything from the basics included what brushes to use, how to prep your skin and picking the right concealers and foundations. After that we will have live demonstrations on how to fill in and shape your brows (they are a VERY important feature to help you express yourself!), contour your cheeks, line and fill in your lips to be ohh-la-luscious, cat line your eyes and learn a few ways to create a smokey eye- a staple look of many bellydancers! We will also cover what kind of makeup to use that will hold up for a day/night of sweating and performing!



I’ll have some music playing if you’d like to stick around and eat, snack and mingle with your peers! Feel free to bust out a shimmy and some snake arms too!


$35 (or $55 when you sign up for both!)

In this workshop we will focus on your seductive eyes!!! How many times have you felt hypnotized by not only a bellydancer’s snake charming moves, but also by their eyes? One look…and you freeze, like a widdle spell bound snake! Wanna do that to YOUR audience? YESsSSSsSSsssss!! We will review multiple ways to line your eyes and shape your brows, customized to the era or look you are trying to capture. Ample time in class will be spent discussing color theory and how to match the makeup on your eyes to the rest of your face, as well as your makeup to your outfits. We will cover different ways to adorn your eye area with bhindi’s and face paint. And last but not least, you will learn how to apply false lashes! We will have “Play Time” where you will create a desired look and I will be there to help coach you through it! So, you may want to schedule a hot date or a night out after class! ;)

Please email me at to sign up for your workshop(s). Space is limited, so be sure to do this ASAP! Once you email me, I will confirm that there is a spot available for you in your desired workshop(s), give you instructions to make your payment via PayPal and give you some further tidbits on what you will need to bring to class. You will not be confirmed for the workshop(s) till your payment is made. Feel free to email me with any questions.

These workshops are a special gathering created to inform you, educate you and empower you. And, well, having some FUN while we are at it! This is a time where we can encourage and inspire one another. I wish for everyone to feel comfortable in class and please attend regardless of your journey and experience doing makeup. That is why I am here; to teach you.

I love you, you beautiful creatures! :-) Keep shining your bright lights and living your passions!!

With an Abundance of Love, Light & Laughter,
Tara DiPetrillo

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